In addition to the Sales, Lettings and Lettings Management services we provide, we also have a network of approved suppliers and contractors.
We refer to and use these suppliers and contractors including; Conveyancing, Mortgage Advice, Insurance and Property Maintenance in order to provide a one stop shop for all of our customers. Please find full details of our service partners below.


We partner with two leading Lancashire law firms who offer outstanding conveyancing services time and time again, whilst helping take the stress out of your property sale and purchase process.

Mortgage Advice

Our mortgage advice services are provided by experts who we’ve specially selected by us to ensure you get the best mortgage advice and the best mortgage product for your move.


Our directory of approved maintenance service providers includes full property maintenance to appliance, roofing, flooring and plumbing maintenance services and more.


Having the correct insurance product for your property is essential when buying or renting out your property. Our Insurance partner will make sure you’ve got everything covered.

  • John, Residential Landlord

  • Michelle, Residential Buyer

  • Faye, Residential Vendor

  • Christine - Residential Vendor

  • Gary - Residential Landlord

  • Anne - Residential Buyer

  • Graham - Residential Vendor

  • PRS
  • Ico
  • DPS
  • Money Shield
  • Project Collab
  • Rightmove
  • Homelet
  • On the Market

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