How Has COVID Changed What People Look for When Buying A House?

It has been just over a year since the first lockdown was announced, and much has changed in this short time. Many of us have had to adapt to a new way of normality, with working from home or keeping ourselves busy during furlough.

One of the markets it has affected is the housing market. What has changed for homeowners since the ‘stay at home’ were first announced?

Bigger Space

Within the past year, we have spent more time in our homes than we ever thought we would. This can have a dramatic effect on the view you have on your property. With more time to reassess our living space, many homeowners have opted to search for properties with larger space.

Many of us are searching for properties with gardens and outdoor space which can be dedicated to creating a home office or garage. This added space is also great for children to enjoy.

Preston and Chorley Hit a Record High

Although early reports suggested the pandemic could have a damaging effect on the housing market, it has in fact done the opposite within the North West. In 2020, Chorley and Preston were property hotspots, with the two areas having some of the highest numbers of sales in the UK.

With homeowners and property owners looking to move away from big cities, this could be a decisive factor in the rise we have seen in the North West.

Renting Increase

A year ago the most sought-after property type for tenants to rent was a two-bedroom flat. Now, as renters search for more space and prioritise having a garden, two-bedroom semi-detached houses are now the most popular type of rental properties.

With the price of renting fluctuating throughout the past year dependant of location, many have found they can get more from their money and afford larger properties with bigger space.

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