How to Add Kerb Appeal to Your Property

Following the 12 week lockdown, many businesses are reopening their doors to begin the steps of getting back to normality. During this time, the property market slowed which may have had an effect on your sale.

Kerb appeal is an important factor when it comes to selling your property, helping you achieve a sale quicker than you may have anticipated. Take a look at some fantastic tips to help you add kerb appeal to your property.

What is Kerb Appeal?

Kerb appeal is the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings. It is what creates the first impression of the property from those viewing it from the outside. It shows the strengths and weaknesses a property possesses.

By boosting or having a high kerb appeal, your property can increase the value attractiveness to potential buyers.

Revamp the Front Door

One of the first aspects of a property many will notice is the front door. As the entrance to your home, it makes a significant statement about your property, and can be an early indication whether a buyer wants to continue their interest in the sale.

Simply revamping your front door can have a vital impact, adding a refreshing and rejuvenated look to your home. A well-looked after front door adds great kerb appeal.

Maintain Your Windows

Your windows are just as important as your front door. Keeping them clean and maintained is a priority for adding kerb appeal to your property. Take the time to properly clean and remove any debris that has built up.

Glistening windows help your home look brighter and more inviting to viewers. It also provides a positive impression on how maintained the inside of your property is too.

Tidying Your Drive and Garden

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to increase your home’s kerb appeal is a clean and tidy driveway. A power wash can get your drive looking as good as new, whilst also removing tough stains caused over time. This rejuvenation to the entrance of your home can be the difference to achieving your sale.

A well looked after garden shows the level of care your property has seen; a well-cared for exterior means a well-cared for interior. General upkeep of your garden can do wonders for your kerb appeal, which attracts more potential buyers.

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